Starburst gambling machine is a truly original slot that not similar to the slots of other casinos. This is also an extremely simple slot that is as close as possible to first-generation gaming machines, but still has unrivaled graphics and worthy musical accompaniment. Starburst by NetEnt can not even be defined to any particular subject, so unusual and primordial. On the one hand, the background image, executed in violet tones and supplemented with a golden glow, and also flashing lights, induces visual associations with the cosmos and intergalactic travel, the secrets of the stars and so on. Similar prerequisites are reinforced by symbols illustrating planets.

Starburst is a free slot machine of NetEnt company that has five reels, on which there are three rows of symbols. The number of lines is ten, and for each of them player can bet from one cent to ten dollars. The total rate reaches 100 dollars. There are Wild-expanding symbols on the entire drum that activate the function of the repeated spin in the game.
Winning combinations are formed from three, four or five identical symbols on the active line. They must necessarily be on neighboring drums, including the first or last. In other words, starting from the first drum from left to right or from the fifth drum from right to left. The payout is equal to the bet per line multiplied by the special coefficients from the table set for each combination (the maximum is x250). Users do not have the opportunity to play on the Starburst slot machine to double the payout.

Appearance and sound

Starburst slot machine is made in a retro style. The classic characters BAR and 777 were used in Vegas in the 80s. I think that when creating this gaming machine, the developers did not count on such frenzied popularity. Beautiful, clearly traced symbols and high speed of the game process make the game enjoyable and not tedious. Moreover, winning both ways and wild symbols that cover the whole drum vertically with a repetitive free spin make the game really exciting. Sound effects as always on top.

Description of the slot machine

Style of Starburst in many respects is characteristic of the manufacturer NetEnt, first of all it is expressed in the arrangement of game buttons and information support. Those who have already tried all the advantages of this manufacturer's slots will note the functional simplicity of the products. Therefore, the main "spin" key is located in the center of the screen, on either side of it - "maximum bet" and "auto game". The function buttons are highlighted in green on the display, this accent makes it possible to quickly react while playing Starburst and not to break away from the exciting game.
Speaking about the color scheme in which Starburst slots are made, it is worth noting that first of all the starry sky and eye-catching bright crystals are cast into the eye. Indeed, absolutely every character in the game beckons with its brilliance and enthralls the gamer. In addition, quality information support is standard here for the products of this company. Absolutely every new player can easily get acquainted  with the slot. Information support is presented in the form of a paytable in this slot, which details the cost of each game line, as well as the structure of building winning combinations.

In general, the style of Starburst is on the high level. A perfect combination of melody and picture will delight even an experienced gamer. It is possible to describe all the emotions from the graphics for a long time, but it is much better to be sure of this from your own experience.

Game process

The gameplay is quite simple so there won’t be any problems while getting acquainted with Starburst slots game. There are a five reels and ten game lines are at the player's disposal. At its discretion, a gamer can change the number of lines involved and the bet on which the game is played. It is worth noting that in general the course of the game is quite simple. In the arsenal of the device there are no bonus games: probably, the manufacturer made the main bet in the game for the effectiveness of the game lines.

Starburst is a gaming device for an amateur who will adequately take its place of honor in the ranking of TOP-slots. Perhaps it is due to its simplicity that people who can only discover the world of virtual casinos can easily master it. For convenience of use the manufacturer thought over the button "auto game". Thanks to it, each can adjust the number of spins that will be produced automatically. In addition, there is also a "maximum strike" button, which builds the maximum bet and lines that the players can afford, depending on their game balance. It should be noted that, as in all other slots of this manufacturer, Starburst provides a high-quality information support to players in the form of a paytable. It describes in details the cost of all the symbols that take part in the twist.

Gameplay and special symbols

The gaming process in the Starburst gaming machine is simple and exciting. there are no additional bonus games or free spins in this video slot. The speed of the game is extremely high, and Wild symbols with a repeated free game are added to the apparatus of adrenaline.

A special feature of this slot is wild symbols. They can appear only on the second, third and fourth drums. When one or more wild symbols fall, it replaces the entire vertical of the drum on wild symbols, after which a payment is made. Then another rotation is performed (free) with the drum fixed, on which wild symbols remain.
In the event that another wild symbol falls out during the free spin rotation, both reels are fixed and after the payment, the slot re-rotates, with the two reels fixed (on which these symbols are located). The maximum number of possible free spins is three.

It is worth noting that the biggest winnings will be paid if the casino players are lucky enough to catch two or three wild symbols in one back. The maximum payout is limited to 50,000 coins.

Slot Features

There are 10 lines of the game in Starburst slot and at the request of the user, this indicator can be reduced, but it is the maintenance of the process with all active rows that will ensure maximum effectiveness. However, the number of lines can be adjusted by pressing the Lines button, or, more precisely, by the adjoining regulators larger/smaller. The bet that is made on each of the active lines of the game consists of a certain number of credits, for which the Level button is responsible The rate of one game value can be from 0.01 to 1.00. For greater comfort, developers also have options for Auto-Games and Max-rates.


The coin of the slot machine by NetEnt is in the range of 0.01 cents to one dollar, and player will have up to 10 bet levels to choose from. Players at high stakes will be able to set a level higher, while players with a more modest budget will be able to play at a lower rate level. Despite the fact that in the description of the machine it is said that it has 10 paylines, technically in this slot there are 20 of them, since each of the 10 paylines is ready to pay players the winnings on the matching combinations not only from left to right, but also from right to left. Make a minimum bet of 0.10 for all 10 paylines or place a maximum bet of 100.00 for one spin with 10 lines at 10 bet levels and a maximum coin denomination of $ 1.00.

Starburst is definitely a unique gaming device, which due to its simplicity with enviable progress increases the number of its fans around the world. Everyone can try it for free and later to play for real money.  In addition, gamblers who chose it as a satellite for their leisure, note the special generosity of the gaming machine, which can significantly improve their financial position. The advantages of this gambling slot can be listed for a long time, but it is much better to play it once. Starburst slot is a game that guarantees a memorable time spent.